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Street Fighter Animes

Street Fighter IV. Revealed that the characters will have alternative clothes, a video was shown by the GameSpot website with all the characters in their new clothes.

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Some Great Anime Options For People Who Love Fighting Sequences

There are a lot of people in the world who watch anime for its storyline and also its amazing fighting sequences. This list will be created to words the people who love fighting sequences in anime series.


Some animals that show a lot of fighting sequences are:

  • One Piece
  • Attack On Titan
  • My Hero Academia
  • Battle Shonen
  • Seinen

These happen to be incredibly entertaining, and they offer some really good storylines and block points. They are fast-paced, and they are exciting as well. The battle scenes are grandiose, and there are incredible stakes at hand. It is very common to see the hero of the story that you’re watching, break their limits to properly overcome a very overwhelming force. You also expect him to save the day and rescue the ones that are in danger. These are the kind of stories that we have been fed our entire lives. The story will not only focus on the battles, but they have some really interesting themes, characters and plotlines as well.


The first show that I would like to talk about is called “Attack On Titan. It focuses on the life of a person who comes to grips with being a Titan, a force that is responsible for fighting against oppression. Titans are fascinating creatures, and they show erratic behaviour and are observed. It has brilliant animation and allows for fluid and interesting battle sequences against the creatures. The battles are high, and they are intense as well. They have a lot of emotion in their fighting. The climax arises when the scout finds out that these monsters that they have been fighting, all along are just humans who are forcefully transformed into these monsters.

One Piece is the next show on this list. It happens to be one of the most successful mangas and anime in the world. It has a huge cult following, and it is loved in the world of anime. A central part of the show are the battles and what the characters must go through in order to earn the proper right to be worthy enough to find the treasure, which has actually eluded every single man but one, for the past 800+ years or so. The fights in the show are incredibly packed with height moments and also extremely popular all across the world. They are delivered tastefully and in an intense manner.

Fullmetal Alchemist:

Brotherhood is next on the list. It follows some young and capable alchemists and their journey to find the philosopher stone. They also encounter many powerful alchemists who want to harm them. In order to protect themselves, these boys must make use of the vast understanding of alchemy in battle. It proves to be a fantastic one to watch.

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